with SELinux


Our Mission

Information security is essential in order to prevent potentially costly security lapses. Information security, with focus on SELinux, is our business. We provide our clients with the reassurance that their computer systems are secure from threats from unauthorized sources, both from within the organization and externally. We provide SELinux solutions for any organization’s computer infrastructure to prevent exploitation by all forms of malicious code, to ensure system integrity and that data is processed as required.

SELinux - MAC

SELinux, with its Mandatory Access Control, provides several advantages over traditional operating systems based on Discretionary Access Control. With the principle of least privilege and through a security policy, SELinux prevents compromising an entire system due to the compromise of a single application running with what would otherwise be elevated privileges. Programs are placed into strongly isolated individual sandboxes, separating them from one another and from the underlying operating system. Furthermore, SELinux protects the integrity and confidentiality of data. By removing discretion from users, sensitive data can be protected from voluntary or accidental deletion, modification, and sharing.


We work closely with clients to address their security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. Our services are not limited to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures. Rather, we are dedicated to helping clients developing and maintaining an integrated security infrastructure. We assure customers’ business continuity, improved compliance, and protection from financial loss.

Security Policies

Development and implementation of SELinux security policies.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting various types of Internet applications on SELinux servers.

Managed Servers

Managing secure SELinux servers for a broad range of applications.